UAV Aerial Drone Services

Do you have a roof that needs surveying? Or you need a 3D field or object survey? Do you need a high-level internal racking survey? We've got the services for you!


What are drone surveys?

UAV Drone surveys are a safer, more cost-efficient way of performing building surveys. UAV Drone surveys are becoming increasingly popular for surveying buildings from the air. UAV Drones allow the surveying of buildings without requiring expensive scaffolding, or the dangers of men working at height.

We undertake inspections on building roofs, wind turbines, radio transmission masts, tower cranes, solar farms and any static asset or structure that requires inspection from height. We also offer internal inspections of high level racking, roof lights and ventilators.

We have provided images of off road trials, and enduro events, so the organisers have site maps of the courses for competitors.

From roof inspections to even bridge surveys, drones are the simplest and most sensible choice of surveying means. They are able to offer great advantages in safety and speed, along with great picture quality.

Regardless of the project size or purpose, we can work alongside your project managers, ensuring that we capture the correct images for the purpose of the flight.

We remain one of the few companies to use a professional Yuneec H520 hexacopter survey drone. The H520 utilises a six-rotor system that allows one rotor failure and will still retain flight without falling from the sky like a four-rotor drone and causing a potential hazard. The H520 provides an exceptionally stable platform for aerial photography utilising the six-rotor platform, and is resilient to wind gusts in a way a 4-rotor drone cannot achieve.

We can record 4K video, allowing the video to be zoomed-in without distorting or pixelating for a 1080p output. A 4K resolution provides you with four times the quality of standard 1080p resolution, allowing for clearer video which can be manipulated further.

If still images are preferred, we can provide 20MP images using our wide angle or telephoto cameras. These images can if required, be formulated into a survey pattern and provide 3D modelling of objects using 3rd party imaging software.

Rose Fire & Security have Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) as awarded by the Civil Aviation Authority (the CAA). The CAA are the regulating agency for all UK airspace traffic. The CAA requirement to fly UAV Drones is similar to light aircraft and ensure strict legislation safety is complied with. All commercial operators will have undertaken extensive theory and practical training, understand legislation, and operate in a safe and considerate manner, and be fully insured for their activities.

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CAA Permission for Commercial Operations UAS8662
Compliant with CAP 722 Air Navigation Order

If you are interested in finding out more about how Rose Fire & Security Ltd can provide aerial surveys for your business, then contact us, where one of our team will be happy to help by discussing your requirements further.

From building surveys to difficult to reach areas, we can provide drone services for all requirements.