AFILS Loop Induction Systems

Rose Fire & Security Ltd can provide a range of AFILS loop induction systems. Find out more below.

Megger Tester

Rose Fire & Security Limited can design, supply and install all types of loop induction systems, ranging from the most simple portable counter type system to full rack amplifier systems serving areas such as cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, courts, churches, local authority buildings and other places of public gathering.

Our systems assist the owners/managers of buildings to comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act and are designed in accordance with British Standards.

We are skilled in the design, installation and commissioning of both new and existing projects. Our engineers have many years of experience in the complex field of sound amplification and strict design and installation practices are required to ensure correct amplification of sound in only the areas required. A common fault in an incorrectly designed and installed system is bleed to other areas which have a separate amplification system installed. This can be both annoying for the users of hearing enhancing products and pose a security risk if information is transmitted out of the intended area.

We also provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the continued correct functioning of the system and compliance with British Standards requirements.

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