Security Services

We can offer a wide range of security related services. To find out more, please see below.

Intruder Alarms

From monitored response intruder alarms to GSM text messaging to your phone, our intruder alarms give you peace of mind as though you were still there.

CCTV (analogue & IP)

We can provide CCTV solutions for any sized business or home, from IP-based solutions to traditional analogue-based solutions, Rose Fire & Security Ltd has you covered.

Rose Remote Anywhere Access

Controlling your CCTV and other electronic equipment remotely used to be complex. With Rose Remote that's a thing of the past, now it's just a click away.

Access Control Systems

Control access to areas in your business like never before. We can provide door access solutions with remote accessability enabling you to see live who is where.

From small households, to large corportate businesses, we bring the experience and capability needed to meet all of your security requirements.

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