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This page will explain about our custom built and developed Rose Remote viewing platform.

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Rose Remote is a system in which Rose Fire & Security Ltd have developed from the ground up to give you, the client, the best possible viewing experience to your CCTV cameras and other web-enabled devices on your network, without the fuss of traditional viewing methods!

What does it mean for me?

Rose Remote is a service where you can login to your cameras or other web-enabled devices on your network at the click of a button, without having to remember ever changing IP addresses and long, complex names and numbers. With Rose Remote, all you need to remember is your unique name of your choice, and you’re into your cameras as easy as the press of a button!

How does it work?

Rose Remote works by enabling you to login to your cameras with a simple hostname such as instead of having to remember IP addresses and port numbers for your camera or other web-enabled system such as remembering, where this IP address may be continually changing if you are on a Dynamic IP assignment connection from your Internet Service Provider.

Fear not, we’ve taken a stand to this ridiculously complicated way of logging into cameras, and have made it remarkably simple instead. All you need to remember is your unique easy-to-remember hostname, which you can choose yourself to login to your system from a number of different devices.

Rose Remote works by installing a small application onto a permanently-on PC on your network, whether that be a Draytek Vigor router, a Mac Server/PC, a Windows Server/PC or a Linux Server/PC, that checks to see if your IP address has changed. If it has changed then it sends our service your new IP address, which we update your hostname to, and then check again 10 minutes later. If you do not have a server or permanently-on PC, we can provide you with a small low-power box that sits on your network and does this job for you.

Here is a diagramatic representation of how Rose Remote works:

Rose Remote How it works Diagram

Rose Remote works even if you have a static IP from your Internet Service Provider – you still get the easy-to-remember hostname to view your cameras and any other web-enabled devices at your leisure!

What can I use it for?

Rose Remote was designed in mind with being more than just a CCTV viewing platform, so we have expanded our operations of this service into many fields so that you can have an easy-to-use platform for accessing anything. Below are just a few of the ways that Rose Remote can help you, but if you have a question as to one that is not (or is, for that matter) on this list below, then please contact us!

...and many more uses are also possible - just ask us!

Why would I not have a static IP from my provider?

Your Internet Provider may by default provide you with a Dynamic IP address instead of a Static IP address. This is often the case as it is cheaper for Internet Service Providers to supply you with a Dynamic IP than a static one. If you have a Static IP, the service will work just the same as if you do not, but without the requirement for the small updating program.

Will I need to set it up myself?

No. A member from our specialist technical engineer’s department will set the system up for you – all we require from you is the Administrative Login passwords of your server and/or router. We will schedule a convenient time with you, and perform the whole session remotely without the need to come on site. We will also Port Forward your system for you at the same time.

Will it work on my phone/tablet?

Sure! You can use the system to access devices on your network from a number of different platforms. Here are a few of the major platforms that we support (although there are more – get in touch with us if you’re not sure):

Please note: Please get in touch with us regarding the make/model of your system if you are using a third-party system with Rose Remote, as our service depends on the system that you are accessing. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to advise you. If you are using a system that Rose Fire & Security Ltd provided, we will be able to inform you as to what platforms you can use to access the system.

Want to learn more about Rose Remote?

You can learn more about Rose Remote by:

Note: Depending on when you view this, the Rose Remote website may still be under development.

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