Fire Risk Assessments

This page will explain about the detailed and in-depth fire risk assessments that we can provide for you.

Fire Risk Assessment Diagram

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a compulsory requirement on any person with a level of control in premises ‘a responsible person’ to take reasonable steps to prevent and reduce the risk of fire and to make sure that if there is a fire that people can escape safely.

The rules apply to almost all types of premises except peoples private homes.

Part of these requirements include the need to carry out a fire risk assessment considering anyone who may be on your premises including visitors, members of the public and anyone needing special help.

When do you need a fire risk assessment?

How can we help?

Our Managing Director undertakes all assessments for Rose Fire & Security Ltd clients. His experience is extensive in the fire protection industry, and his qualifications make him competent to undertake Fire Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Assessments, including:


We have provided below a link to the government website where you can access documents relating to fire safety law and guidance.