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This page will explain about the high-quality fire safety signs which we can provide and install for you.

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The requirement for adequate fire safety and health & safety signage is detailed in the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and is a legal requirement.

Why are fire safety signs important?

These are one of the main means of providing health and safety and emergency information and it is critical that in the event of a fire that they are clear, obvious and can be immediately understood.

Signage considerations:

  • Are your escape routes properly signed?
  • Are general action fire notices fitted detailing what action to take in the event of a fire?
  • Are external assembly points clearly indicated?
  • Are the viewing distances correct with respect to the size of sign?
  • Is portable firefighting equipment correctly signed with respect to type and use?
  • Are all manual call points on the fire alarm system signed and clearly visible?
  • Are your signs properly illuminated or are photo-luminescent signs used?
  • Do you have any damaged or faded signs that need replacing?
  • Do you have recommendations from a fire risk assessment for additional signage?

How can we help?

Exit Right SignWe offer a full advisory service on all aspects of fire and health & safety signage. Signs must be illuminated or photo luminescent in type to give the correct level of luminance in a lighting failure situation. The signs themselves should be made of fire resistant materials.

Rose Fire & Security Limited is a Jalite AAA authorised distributor and we have the expertise to design and install your fire and health & safety signage in accordance with British Standards.

Rose Fire & Security Limited is a Jalite AAA Authorised Distributor and we have the expertise to design and install your safety signs in accordance with British Standards BS 5499-4:2013.

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Below we have included some links regarding the regulations on fire safety signage for your information. Please feel free to contact us regarding any this if you require.